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Questions and/or confirmation should be directed to: Tammea Tyler, Chief Development Officer  

Office: 347-533-9102


Sevonna Brown, Black Women’s Blueprint

279 Empire Boulevard 

Brooklyn, NY 11225

To our friends and colleagues:


You are invited to highlight the social responsibility of your organization through collaboration with Black Women’s Blueprint, a national human rights organization that is actively working to stop sexual violence, human trafficking and poverty.

On Saturday, September 29th, black women in all their diversity will converge on Washington DC, and in New York City on September 30th.  Black women, allies and comrades will unite and lock arms, marching unapologetically with all others for meaningful policies that will end: gender violence, the persistent feminization of poverty, the growing black female prison population, restrictions to citizenship, the deportation of black and brown people, restrictions to health care and provide reproductive justice in the ongoing war on women through gag orders and blocked funding by those hoping to retain or gain political leadership this November and beyond.

March for Black Women will be a tremendous success again this year, and much of that success will be made possible through the support and sponsorship of organizations like yours.  Since we are a certified 501(c)3 non-profit, your contribution is fully tax deductible, and a sign of your commitment to an important charitable cause enriching the region’s social justice landscape. You may explore our sponsorship levels below.

$500 will support one engagement activity for 50 people at the event, including community resources and advocacy support services.


$1,000 will support 1 healing caravan tent, which serves 100 people, and your organization’s logo will also be placed on our website.


$2,500 will support one of the 3 rally gatherings during the event, as well as the aforementioned benefits, plus, your organization’s logo on our website. You will also receive free distribution of your organization’s materials, and be highlighted and mentioned during the rally’s gathering.


$5,000 will support our social solution national dialogue, which includes all of the aforementioned benefits, and your organization’s name and contact information will be highlighted during the dialogue, as well as on Facebook Live.  Additionally, your organization’s name will be recognized through text messaging to screen technology. This level of sponsorship covers participation for up to 500 people.


$10,000 will support all of the aforementioned benefits and covers the cost of two attending staff member reps to attend the event for the day, sponsors general event costs, drumming circle, and counseling /healing services for sexual abuse and trafficking survivors for 1000 people.


If you are unable to give at these levels, you may assist in the success of this event by sending volunteers, exploring membership with Black Women’s Blueprint, or making a donation in a different amount.


We look forward to collaborating with you. Let’s make a difference together!




Farah Tanis

Executive Director


Questions and/or confirmation should be directed to: Tammea Tyler, Chief Development Officer  | Office: 347-533-9102


Sevonna Brown, Black Women’s Blueprint, 279 Empire Boulevard, Brooklyn, NY 11225