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Working on the book: how to finish a novel if there is not enough text

Add 10% to the novel

If one or two author's pages are missing:

A) Work on setting descriptions.

Often work on detailed descriptions in a draft, and the setting is labeled with a single phrase like, "The room was large and furnished." This is where you can turn around for a paragraph exactly-what kind of furniture, whether there are plants, and so on. And let's not forget the three-dimensionality of the world - see, hear, feel. That is, furniture, sounds (from the street or from the neighbors), smells and feelings (warm or cold, cozy or uncomfortable). And don't forget the weather, yes. The weather and natural phenomena are not just about the rain, but about the atmosphere and the character's sense of the world and the necessary volume.

B) Work on the dialogue.

Indications of personality such as "he said" can be typecast easily. But, of course, you shouldn't limit yourself to "said" alone, Russian is rich with actions like "commented", "surprised" or "frightened". Yes, and a dictionary of synonyms to help.

B) Write another chapter, a prologue or epilogue - if there is none. You can also refine small chapters.

In draft, geometry homework help sometimes you do not know how to expand the plot event in breadth and depth, and the chapter is scraped together with difficulty in the amount of ten pages. But when her "skeleton" is, "meat" to add more easily. Maybe it lacks the same setting, maybe it lacks the character's feelings, thoughts, or conclusions about the event that happened. Maybe the characters didn't say everything to each other in the conversation.

However, when completing and refining, avoid "water" and excessive overload - all edits should work for the story and reveal the character's personality.

If you're missing a third or half of the volume, in which case there is a lot of work, because six or seven author's sheets - it's not a novel, but a novella.

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