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How To Build A Comfortable Platform Bed On Wheels

A platform bed is a new trend in bedroom decoration that consists of a bed with a raised, rectangular, horizontal solid frame with a latticed structure meant to support just but a mattress. Such a foundation can be made from scratch, or one may decide to convert an already built bed to a platform bed. The materials needed to construct the bed are several planks of wood, a mattress of chosen size, nails, and metallic bed wheels with stoppers. Some carpentry tools will also be essential. The steps below are critical for constructing a platform bed frame.

Construction Of The Bed

1) The Headboard

The headboard will be in the form of several rectangles part of a bigger square. First, cut two-feet by four-inches pieces of wood then cut six five-feet by four inches pieces of wood. Align the two longer pieces parallel to each other and nail the smaller fragments to them such that the shorter pieces are inside the rectangular structure while two of the shorter pieces complete the rectangle at the edges. For a simple footboard, use a cut six-feet by four-inches wood piece.

2) The Frame

Making the frame is relatively taxing. Measure the wood planks accurately and cut ten five-feet one one-inch pieces. They are one inch less to accommodate the attachment of side rails. The parts should be four inches wide and a few inches deep. Set four pieces to form a quadrilateral with the thinner sides facing upwards and nail them together. Next, nail the remaining portions of wood horizontally flat on the rectangular made at equal distances from each other. On two parallel sides of the frame, attach five feet and thin wood pieces each to hold the mattress. You can also read our guides to the Best rated platform bed frame at

3) Supports

For the supports of the bed, cut four six-feet by two-inches rectangular wood pieces. These will be the supports. Nail these to each corner of the frame on the lower side, without horizontal wood pieces. The legs should be cut to be completely flat at the bottom. Screw the wheels onto the legs and test them to check whether they are functional, movable, and steady. If the wheels obtained don’t have stoppers, rubber cups can be used instead.

4) Footboard Installation

Install the headboard and footboard on the frame of the bed firmly. Attach the supports with wheels on each corner of the frame on the lower side securely. Varnish the foundation using a flat brush and even strokes to cover all exposed parts of the wood except the horizontal pieces in the frame. As soon as it dries, place the mattress on the bed and spread it. A flat wooden sheet could be placed on the frame to provide a resting surface for memory foam mattresses.

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Platform beds on wheels have become more common due to their mobility and stylish nature. The materials needed to build it are locally sourced and relatively affordable and readily available. Assembling the foundation is also an incredible opportunity to learn some fundamental carpentry skills as well as decorating patterns.

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