As part of our response to the global pandemic and its impacts on survivors of gender based violence and TGNC/NB  we are increasing our emergency funds and cash assistance program.


During COVID-19, our Leading with Love Fund will support our community of survivors, women and girls and TGNC/NB relatives who are in crisis and in need of emergency cash assistance, basic necessities and supplies and immediate financial support. Priority will be given to survivors of gender based violence, however, we will consider requests from others due to the increased need in our community at this time.

Today, your gift will double the impact we seek to make in our community of survivors, women and girls and TGNC/NB. We call on you to give radically to keep our Sistas Van on the road, to keep our community members in a haven of community, healing and liberation, to shift the narrative and material conditions of our lives. By giving to our trauma-informed, survivor-centered and culturally specific sexual assault prevention programs, your donations help to close the gap and fill the need for support services across the spectrum of sexual and reproductive health. 

International Donations can be made HERE

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Funds are supporting the cost of fresh food and groceries, rent, maternity and infant needs, crisis counseling and on the spot healing, temporary housing, and emerging needs during COVID 19.


We are bringing reproductive health and maternal care to our community by mobilizing doulas, midwives and birthworkers on the Sistas Van. We are also bringing the following that are specific to reproductive healthcare needs: emergency contraception, condoms, pregnancy tests, Plan B, uterine and reproductive health supplies which are critical and unmet needs for TGNC/NB women and survivors of violence.


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Leading with Love Fund

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