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Black Women’s Blueprint is excited to announce that as of January 1, 2021, our Executive Directorship will move to a Co-Executive Directorship model, shared by Farah Tanis and Sevonna Brown.


Black Women’s Blueprint celebrated its 10th Anniversary in 2020. Together with the Covid-19 pandemic’s necessary isolation, the team at Black Women’s Blueprint had the opportunity to engage in reflective strategic thinking about the next ten years. A new vision was born, an initiative that will focus on restorative justice - Restore Forward.

Co-Executive Directors: Farah Tanis (l) & Sevonna Brown (r)

We are motivated to continue the work that formed the blueprint for the founding of Black Women's Blueprint - to place Black women and girls’ lives, as well as their particular struggles as survivors, squarely within the context of the larger racial justice concerns of Black communities. Sevonna Brown will assume Co-Executive Directorship of the initiatives under the umbrella of Black Women’s Blueprint, focusing on reproductive health and integrative medicine for survivors.


Farah Tanis will assume Co-Executive Directorship of Black Women’s Blueprint, focusing on the Restore Forward initiative. Black Women’s Blueprint’s rich history laying the foundation for a comprehensive and holistic program of truth and reconciliation is invaluable in this moment when the country and the world are coming to terms with the political, economic and environmental crises of our own creation. Restore Forward will revive the framework of reconciliation set out through the 2016 Black Women’s Truth & Reconciliation Commission, and work across differences to rebalance and restore connection with self, other beings, ancestors, land and the broader environment. Restore Forward is an invitation to millions of people to move forward into the 21st century and become equipped with a collective plan to build the new social contract through workshops, retreats, land stewardship and more.  


We look forward to this transition, as it allows us to fully harness leadership at the intersection of Restorative Justice and Reproductive Justice.

Farah Tanis Headshot

Farah Tanis

Co-Founder, Co-Executive Director

Black Women's Blueprint 

Farah Tanis is a transnational Black feminist, human rights activist.

She is the national co-chair of the March for Black Women.

From 2010-2016, she chaired the first Truth and Reconciliation Commission in the U.S.

ever to focus on Black women and their historical and contemporary experiences with sexual assault and reproductive violations.  She is the producer of Mother Tongue, a theatrical production addressing Black sexual politics. She is founder and lead curator at the Museum of Women’s Resistance (MoWRe), internationally recognized as a Site of Conscience. Tanis is a NoVo Foundation – Move to End Violence Program, Cohort 3 Movement Maker, a U.S. Human Rights Institute Fellow (USHRN) and a member of the USHRN Task Force on the international human rights treaty, CERD – the UN Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, and CAT – The UN Convention Against Torture.

Sevonna Brown

Co-Executive Director

Black Women's Blueprint 

Sevonna Brown is a feminist activist and thought leader. She is a

birthworker through  Ancient Song Doula Services and the Doula

Project. She dedicates her work to the survival strategies that Black women build

from rituals, sacred truths and the ways they honor the intergenerational narratives of their reproductive herstories. Her organizational affiliations include Spirit of a Woman Leadership Development Institute and Standing in Our Power: A Women of Color Transformative Leadership Institute. Most recently Sevonna received the ELLA Fellowship through the Sadie Nash Leadership Program where she brings reproductive justice to young women of color through grassroots organizing. As a survivor she seeks to bridge the connections between reproductive justice and anti-sexual violence advocacy through her cultural work, human rights lens and womanist frameworks. She believes in every community’s right to holistic healing, as well as radically freeing and unconditionally loving themselves.


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