Partners engaged in intra-community racial healing and accountability take part in learning exchanges and create opportunities for new conversations between Black men and women about the effects of racism. While doing so they simultaneously address the gender-oppressive cultural and social systems at work within the Black community. These partners boldly work at the intersection of oppression's using film, radio, street activism, awareness raising, and advocacy for institutional change. They seek to engage Black men and women as allies on initiatives against street harassment/sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, the effects of some strands of popular culture. They promote sexual health, economic justice and gender-inclusive criminal justice advocacy.
Black Women’s Blueprint believes communities can create a response to the lack of funding and other resources for Black women’s gender-justice organizing. Through this initiative Black Women’s Blueprint partners directly, shares resources, and gives a portion of all funds raised via events, Freedom Lounge and giving circles, to individual activists and groups that share its mission and objectives.

Our partners fall into the following categories:

A) Intra-Community Racial Healing and Accountability
B) Women’s Solidarity Building Strategies.

Intra-Community Racial Healing and Accountability

The Gender Justice Fund

Women’s Solidarity Building Strategies

Partners engaged in solidarity building among women work to develop united organizing and advocacy, with special focus on addressing historical differences, promoting inclusiveness, diversity and other strategies. This work builds towards solidarity among women across race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, age, marital status, religion, or gender identity. Its overall goal is to strengthening anti-oppression movements led by and for women.

For Every $500 Dollars You Donate

A survivor from one of ten cities around the nation will be enabled to fly to New York to participate in the Tribunal.