Black Women’s Blueprint envisions a world where women and girls of African descent are fully empowered and where gender, race and other disparities are erased.

Feminism in conversation with global women's resistance

mamablack uplifts the voices and experiences of Black women

across the African Diaspora.

Mamablack is a digital imprint of Black Women's Blueprint, Inc., providing space for Black feminist analyses, personal stories, news updates, and community.  Mamablack features intersectional praxis and philosophies, writings and art about race, gender, sexuality, class and other identity politics of women of African Descent.


This platform has offered cutting-edge perspectives and radical thought on Black women's issues, centering the lives of Black women survivors of rape and sexual violence across the spectrum of assault. As a site of knowledge productions and discussion, mamablack continues the powerful legacy of Black feminist traditions, womanist inclinations, and radical leanings.


The digital imprint welcomes written and media pieces from individuals, activists, scholars, artists.  Mamablack curates the truths of Black women globally, at the margins of economic justice, violence against women, and racial justice.  Please click below for more information on submission guidelines.  

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