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They Will See Us Coming!
Wear White in Ritual for those who have been waiting 400 years to speak. 
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Why we march

Reparations for Black women is the unfinished business of the Black Civil Rights movements of the U.S. and movements for Black human rights around the world. Reparations is the unfinished business of the 2012-2016 Black Women’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission on Sexual Assault. A movement for Reparations which foregrounds the centrality of women of African descent within racial justice concerns of all people of African descent is long overdue.

As the world’s women exclaim #AmINext in order to end the rapes against them, the March for Black Women joins forces with Grassroots Global Justice to march for reparations and body sovereignty, to address the legacy of forced sexual and reproductive labor against Black women. The price to Black women has been too high and comes in the form of increased intergenerational trauma, violence, maternal morbidity, poverty and generations of girls who continue to labor under conditions not so far removed from that of 1619 which sought to rob people of African descent of their dignity. 


We give ourselves permission to believe in the power of our demands and the strength of our convictions to take back what is already ours. We cannot allow an isolationist impulse to dictate our movement strategy given the political urgency of now.

October 5, 2019 Black Women’s Blueprint stands with the world’s women, marginalized women, trans women, women of the Global South who are everyday exclaiming #AmINext! We raise our collective voices in a resounding NO! And say, Hands off our bodies! and Reparations Now!