After 10 years of truth, justice, healing and reconciliation, BWB is expanding its mission and its reach. We're inviting the world to recover from current states of grief and institutionalized violence.  See how we're visioning the future with Restore Forward.

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BWB has expanded its work to Oneida County. On almost 300 acres of land in upstate New York, BWB is launching Restore Forward, a co-created vibrant and safe community where women and all people can live lives of sovereignty and dignity. To that end, BWB seeks collaborators yearning to engage, fashion, and embody new, innovative, liberative communities responsive to the profound effects of grief, harm, and exploitation on women and all people.  
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We acknowledge that the property that will house Restore Forward is located on unceded lands that are the traditional territories of the Haudensaunee (Iroquois) and we honor the sacrifices and invaluable contributions made by the Indigenous culture bearers who came before us — especially the Haudensaunee women.

We will be sharing and partnering  with Indigenous women who will steward the land alongside us, and hope to build as we invite the world to holistic healing and to recover from current states of grief.