Save the Date
One Year Anniversary of the
Black Women’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission

April 29 - 30, 2017.

In April 2017 Black Women’s Blueprint will co-convene a conference in Atlanta, Georgia with the Women's Research and Resource Center at the historic Spelman College. This conference is to occur on the one year anniversary of the U.S. Black Women’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (BWTRC) which propelled the issue of Black women’s sexuality, sexual and reproductive violence to center stage in an outcry against racism, the erasure of Black women’s histories and contributions, and against patriarchy, misogyny and their consequences. The BWTRC one year anniversary event will honor Black feminists who've made it their life's work to create language to inform a practice of decolonizing and decommodifying the connections between Black women's power and pleasure, making these issues inherently racial justice concerns. Provocative both politically and sexually, the One Year Anniversary will offer inspiring accounts by a cross-section of women and girls in order to deconstruct patriarchal ideologies that women and girls are to be taught consistently and often violently, that their bodies are dirty, corrupting, imperfect, violable and volatile harbingers of disease and immorality. Engaging in memory work, dialogue and action which centers Black women's traditions, various spiritualities as well as healing modalities, the conference will combine visioning workshops, panels, debates, art and interactive speakers committed to empowering and cultivating new generations of Black girls and young women equipped to practice revolutionary Black feminist politics.

See what happened in 2016 at the Black Women’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission by clicking below


Agunda Okeyo

Author, Writer, Activist,
Women's Media Center, Salon, The Daily Beast, and Indiewire

Alicia Garza

Activist, Speaker, Organizer, Founder
#BlackLives Matter

Alisa Del Tufo

Activist, Oral Historian, Founder
Threshold Collaborative

Amrita Kapur

Senior Associate, Gender Justice Program
The International Center for Transitional Justice

Beverly Guy-Sheftall

Black Feminist Scholar, Anna Julia Cooper Professor of Women’s
Studies and English at Spelman College

Ejim Dike

Executive Director
U.S. Human Rights Network

Jamia Wilson

Movement Builder, Storyteller, and Feminist Activist
Executive Director, Women's Media Center

Loretta Ross

Human Rights and Reproductive Justice Advocate, Co-founder and 2005-2012 National
Coordinator of the SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective

Lynn Rosenthal

Vice President for Strategic Partnerships at the National Domestic Violence Hotline.
Former White House Advisor on Violence Against Women

Monika Johnson-Hostler

Executive Director, NC Coalition Against Sexual Assault
and National Alliance to End Sexual Violence

Netsanet Tesfay

Consultant, International Labor Organization
and International Organization for Migration

Quentin Walcott

Movement Maker, Anti-Vilence Activist, Co-Executive Director

Ruby Sales

Civil Rights Activist, Writer, Mobilizer, Founder, Spirit House

Stephanie Colon

Community Organizer, Anti-Oppression Activist, Poet and Artist

Farah Tanis

TRC Chair, Co-Founder, Black Women's Blueprint and Museum of Women's Resistance

A Digital Reckoning Campaign

The Digital Reckoning Campaign is a call-and-response digital project grounded in the concept of reconciliation for Black women with Black men, white men, white feminists, and other people of color to acknowledge the ongoing, complicit oppression of Black women. From descendants of slave owners coming to terms with the sins of their ancestors to Black men admitting to remaining silent and not showing up for Black women who continue to be brutalized, Black Women's Blueprint calls for a dynamic dialogue on Black women’s pain and struggles. We hope to feature a myriad of intergenerational voices responding to violence against Black women.

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